Due to the new trading relationship between the UK and EU as a result of Brexit, there will be some changes to ordering and delivery of items sold by Frezyderm SA:

Depending on the value of your order, your Frezyderm parcel may or may not be charged customs or import duties. If your parcel is charged, it is up to the person receiving the parcel to cover these costs. Unfortunately, these charges are out of Frezyderm's hands, and vary widely, so we're unable to predict what your particular charges may be. For more accurate information, we would suggest getting in touch with your local customs to consult whether there are any unexpected delivery charges at your end.

Also, please be aware that if there are delays in customs clearance there may be depot charges of € 14.39 (GBP 13.00) per package / per day after 3 working days.

Please note that our chosen shipping carrier is UPS and any import fees or other extra costs will be paid to UPS prior to delivery of the products. UPS will notify you with email and phone for the accurate amount of import fees.

Also, please note that our Prices are based on a fixed exchange rate between EUR and GBP and may not be representative of the Current Exchange Rate. The clearing agency will review your package based on the current exchange rate. We strongly advise to keep your orders around or lower than 100 GBP, to avoid additional charges.

A 30% service fee will be charged if the customer refused to pay duty tax and parcels have been returned to sender. Frezyderm SA is not responsible for any activities such as missing packages, lost tracking with a shipping carrier and abandon by customs.