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A. Personal Data

1.- “M&J TRADING LTD” (the "Company"), in full compliance with the English Laws governing Personal Data, in particular the Data Protection Act 2018, takes all the necessary measures and employs the appropriate technology in order to ensure the maximum possible protection of the personal data of the users of this website. We are committed to take all appropriate measures designed to securely protect your personal information and protect our information systems.

Our technical, administrative and physical processes are designed and reviewed to protect your personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized loss, access, disclosure, use, alteration or destruction, but it should be noted that no website, information system or data transmission on the Internet or on any other public network cannot be guaranteed as 100% secure.

The present Privacy Policy (together with the Terms of Use, the Cookies Policy, the Terms of Participation in Competitions and Other Promotional Activities and any other related document referring to it) defines the basis upon which the company will process the personal information provided by the user or collected by the user while navigating and using all of its commercial websites, unless more specific terms are provided for a specific website.

Please, read these texts carefully to understand our personal data approach and practice.

By providing your personal information, you agree at the same time, that you accept these policies and practices and that you consent to their collection and processing.

Consequently, any user using the site is deemed to be in compliance with the following terms and conditions. If a user does not agree with the terms below, they should not use it.

2.- The information we collect from each user when they use/browse this website (and generally the company's commercial websites) can be divided into three categories: (a) information provided by the user himself, (b) information collected by automated methods and (c) information collected from other sources. The ways in which the various information is collected may be combined. More specifically, the company collects via the website some or all of the following personal data of the users: name, surname, username, password, email address, postal address, telephone, age, sex, as registered on the website by themselves for use of its specific services.

3.- The following user data may be collected and edited indicatively: (a) Information about their account, such as the username or password (or any other identifying information) used to access the site; or for use of its services; (b) profile information, including preferred services and products or visiting hours; frequency of use of the website, sections visited or products preferred by the user; (c) other personal information that the user freely chooses to provide when interacting and/or communicating with us; d) contact information and user review content via feefo application, if the user opts to provide such a review after purchasing company products or services. In certain cases and on specific websites of the Company, the user has the ability to create an individual account or register in any other way, in order to enjoy any special privileges (eg participation in competitions and events, collection of points, rewarding regular customers with special offers) or special information about new products or improvement of the products provided through their adaptation to their buying habits or just to make the communication of the Company with them more frequent. Only persons over 18 years of age and with full legal capacity have the right to register or create an individual account. The registration or acquisition of an account presupposes and implies the acceptance of the specific terms and conditions of privacy and personal data of the websites or social media of the company in which the user participates, the special terms of the programs and promotional actions that he/she takes part in and the provision of Each time the requested personal data and data (which are limited to the absolutely necessary for the specific use) The accounts are strictly personal and not transferable. The user has the right to terminate his participation or to delete his/her account and the data kept (deleting the data concerning his participation so far), following the special instructions that each website has, but in any case it can request it by e-mail to the company. Especially in cases where the user has the ability to register or create an individual account on the Company's websites as well as in promotions (especially when they are related to all kinds of competitions and draws, with all kinds of coupons, gift vouchers, scratches and other related promotional or electronic publications documents that offer, free or at a better price products or discount or other values and generally with any kind of provision of various privileges, gifts, discounts and other benefits), the Company, depending on the craftsmen. Each of the promotional activities and its targeting, has the right to maintain and process, in addition to the usual personal identification data (name, surname, username, password, email address, postal address, telephone, age, gender, as all these are entered on the website by him for the use of specific services) and additional data related to specific statements and choices of the user or his purchases and in particular his marital status, t n number, sex and age of children, interest and preferences for specific products in order to give him specific information, promotions and competence. The Company has the right to cancel at any time and for any reason the registrations, accounts, programs and promotions, upon prior notice to the participating users or their members by any appropriate means, but taking care of the performance of any congenital privileges, discounts and other mature benefits.

4.- We may use automated technologies to collect information from your mobile device when using the website, such as the Internet Protocol address (IP address), the portable device operating system, the type of portable device and its settings, (IDFAs & IFAs), the redirecting site (the site that led the user to ours), messages to us or regarding us on social media networking, information about the location of the user's mobile device using location and technologies such as GPS (Global Positioning System), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cell tower proximity). The majority of mobile devices and browsers allow the user to revoke the license he has given us to collect this information using their settings, but some services may not work properly without the information about your location. We may also collect user information from other companies or organizations, such as information that is publicly accessible and has already been authorized to provide such data (eg due to social media interaction), as well as technical data or tracking data from analytical data providers and search providers (Google Analytics, Google, etc.).

5.- We process and use your personal data, which come into our possession in accordance with the above and most importantly by you yourself, in your free judgment and choice and provided that you have given us your explicit permission and consent, only for specific use and functions of our site, solely for the purpose of sending newsletters with all products, services, news, offers and in general the promotional activities of “M&J TRADING LTD” (e.g. shipping coupons and gift vouchers) and only in the context of our commercial communication with you, safeguarding their personal character, in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Laws, in particular the Data Protection Act 2018. In particular, we will use the information we collect to: (a) navigate and make use of the site's capabilities, (b) personalize your experience, (c) execute orders you submit through our website to communicate (d) improve our business activity (better consumer understanding, product presentation, development of new products and services), our products, services and promotions; (e) to send promotional messages about news, offers for our products and services by email (newsletters); (f) in order to execute market research, ask for and receive consumer feedback about our products and obtain a better understanding about consumers' preferences.

6.- The data of each user is handled with respect, is non-transferable, non-licensed and generally not disclosed to third parties (natural or legal) for any reason (apart from the persons and bodies of the next paragraph) (excluding the relevant provisions to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities, at their legitimate request and in accordance with each applicable law), or if we are obliged by virtue of a judicial decision or binding legal act of another competent authority. We do not commercially exploit the user's personal data by renting or exchanging with third parties. The data is only maintained for as long as the need for information and communication is served and the purposes described herein as well as our compliance with the applicable provisions.

7.- Depending on the communication and the needs of the user, we may share personal data with certain categories of third parties, namely (a) suppliers and service providers such as technology service providers, payment processors and fraud prevention providers, mail and courier services (in particular on the creation, management and implementation of websites, platforms, social media and any kind of promotional activities on behalf of the company), (b) auditors and professional advisers such as banks, lawyers and accountants, (c) government, regulators and lawmakers. In any case, if third parties are able, with the permission of the company, to obtain access, even occasionally or accidentally, to them (in particular information systems services, developers of new applications, website support and promotion activities etc.), the company takes all necessary measures overseeing the work and preparing a third party's contractual condition for absolute protection of such data and their confidentiality. Whatever their process may be, it is limited to the strictly necessary legal or technical actions (temporary storage, back up). We may disclose information that does not directly identify the user (eg anonymous, aggregated statistics for use of the website).

8.- The user may choose not to receive communication and withdraw their consent at any time, following the instructions given in our newsletters (opt-out). He/she may also at any time request the deletion of his/her registration or his/her personal account. The fact that the user chooses not to receive one form of communication from us does not mean that they have chosen not to receive other forms of communication from the company. Every user has the right at any moment to get acquainted with the relevant data concerning them, to request their deletion, modification or/and updating, and generally to exercise all the rights provided by the English Law, either by the “unsubscribe” option from the footer of any recent email sent by the company, or by telephone to the company's telephone center (+00447539016661) or by e-mail to It is stressed that according to the law (rules of public policy), we may need to keep some user information. In particular, under the current legislation, each user has the right of access, ie at his / her request, to be informed whether or not his / her personal data is being processed and to receive information about this processing (and obtain a copy of his / her data). In addition, they have the right to demand the correction of inaccurate personal data that is incomplete or inaccurate. Also, provided that the conditions of the law are met, the user has the right of deletion, the right to prohibit or restrict the processing, the right to their data portability (to request a copy of its personal data in a common file format, for example .csv) and the right of objection of their data processing (eg if the user opposes the processing of his or her data for advertising purposes), as well as regarding automated decision making and profile configuration (transparency on user profiles). The above rights are subject to specific regulations regarding the time and manner of exercising them.

The user does not have to pay to gain access to their personal data or to exercise any of their rights, but we reserve the right to charge a reasonable price and costs if their claim is unfounded, repeated or excessive, or alternatively, we reserve the right to refuse the request under these circumstances.

It is stressed that the user can at any time withdraw their consent without, however, affecting the legitimacy of the consent-based processing before it is revoked.

We may need to ask for specific information to confirm the identity of the user and to ensure his/her right to access his/her personal data or to exercise any of his/her rights.

This is a security measure to ensure that the user’s personal data will not be revealed to someone who is not entitled to receive them.

We may also contact them to request additional information about their request in order to speed up the process, but we try to respond to all legitimate requests within a reasonable time, and certainly within the legal deadlines.

In any case, the user has the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervising authority if they consider that the processing of their personal data is contrary to current legislation.

9.- The site may provide links to sites managed by us or third parties. If you visit one of these linked sites, you should read the respective site's privacy policy, terms and conditions of use and other policies. We are not responsible for third party policies and practices. These organizations handle the information you provide to them in accordance with their privacy policy, terms and conditions of use and other policies. It may also be possible for providers of other apps, tools, widgets and plug-ins that we have on the Site, such as Facebook's "Like" buttons, to also use automated methods to collect information and how to use these features. These organizations may use your information according to their own policies.

10.- In addition to the above, visiting and browsing the site is free without the need to provide any individual information or personal data. It is noted that the company's commercial websites do not appeal to minors and we do not knowingly collect information about minors.


12.- This site provides the user with the ability to subscribe to our mailing lists to receive the Newsletters of our company, after giving the details requested in the corresponding form, the content of which is protected according to the privacy policy, as discussed above.

The user reserves the right at any time to delete them from their respective lists.


13.- This Privacy Policy enters into force from the date indicated at the beginning of the policy. The company may at any time change the content and information contained on the website but also in these terms, mainly due to their alignment with new provisions but also to their improvement. Any relevant amendment will be incorporated into this legal notice and it is presumed that the user is knowledgeable and accepts it unreservedly. So, we want to draw the attention to the user in order to get the latest version of these terms every time he/she uses our website as well as on the company's other commercial websites.

Consequently, it is advisable to check this page regularly to get the latest update of the policy. For the purposes of the applicable data protection legislation, M&J TRADING LTD is designated as the controller of your personal data.

14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be decided only by the English courts.

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