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Intensive Redness Control

  • Softens, regulates and reverses the symptoms of rosacea and sensitive skin
  • Reduces redness, spider veins, pimples and inflammation
  • Hydrates and soothes to relieve irritation
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Star ingredient: Algae

Algae’s moisturizing, healing and strengthening properties enhance the dermis barrier by preventing the degeneration of collagen. As it protects the skin against free radical damage, we think it’s the sea’s best kept secret.
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For effective results, we would recommend that you use our Sensitive Red Facial Cream twice daily in the morning and at night, and the Sensitive Red Tinted Cream once in the morning. Both creams should be applied onto a clean and dry face and neck following your usual skincare routine.
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If you struggle with any of the things that the cream says it can help with like, redness, inflammation, irritated skin then I would definitely think this one might be for you.
I get rosy cheeks and often get break outs when trying new products and this cream really did combat my redness and didn't cause me to have any breakouts. My skin is also left super smooth after use
The product has literally saved my baby's eczema skin within 2 weeks. The flare up, the doctor had called “the worst she had ever seen”, was under control & my screaming itchy baby was happy & calm.
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