Nasal Sprays

Nasal congestion is usually caused by a common cold, flu, hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and other ear, nose and throat infections.

The Frezymar range has been developed to combat nasal congestion. Unlike other topical nasal decongestions the Frezymar range is entirely natural, containing 100% pure sea water from the Brittany coast. The combination of sodium chloride, minerals and trace elements in seawater reduce nasal congestion, have anti-inflammatory effects and protect the nasal mucosa from bacteria, viruses, allergens and infections. The spray also recreates nasal mucosa and membranes that have degenerated due to chronic rhinitis. Using Frezymar nasal sprays will not affect smell and taste.

The innovative packaging of the Frezymar nasal decongestant sprays ensures that the continual quality of the product, as the Bag-On-Valve bottle protects the product from light, air, humidity and bacteria.

Frezymar products can be safely used alongside medical treatments.



Sterile saline solution