Kids Oral Hygiene

Teaching your child dental hygiene from an early age will help them to grow up with healthy teeth and gums. Although children eventually lose their first teeth (usually between the ages of 5 and 13) they have important roles to play helping them to bite, eat and speak.
Poor dental hygiene in children can lead to:
- The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth
- Teeth losing their basic composition and calcium
- Tooth enamel becoming darker in color, and white spots developing

The above problems can result in cavities, which will need to be repaired with fillings.

Paying attention to your child’s daily dental hygiene with regular brushing, a diet low in sugar and visits to the dentist twice a year can prevent tooth decay and keep teeth strong and healthy.

The FREZYDERM SensiTeeth Kids line was developed to care for the teeth, gums and mouth. Our unique and revolutionary formulation contains fluoride and calcium and helps:
-    Increase calcium concentration by 85%
-    Fluoride concentration by 37.5%
-    Protect enamel by 33%
-    Ensure less fillings

The SensiTeeth Kids line has been designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. All products in this range are gluten free and suitable for those taking homeopathic medication.


Toothpaste for milk teeth for infants from 6 months


Cavity preventing mouthwash for children from 3 years old.