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Nasal Saline Solution Sprays

Solution for all sorts of Nasal Congestion!

Can you beat nasal congestion naturally? By all means!

FREZYDERM has created NAZAL CLEANER, an innovative series of hypertonic saline solutions to relieve nasal congestion:

More specifically they:

• Remove mucus with osmotic action
• Naturally release breathing
• Moist and soothe the irritated mucosa
• Relieve symptoms of common cold, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis
• Protect from otitis media
• Directly clean and stimulate the nasal mucosa

All products contain Fleur De Seul from the Mesollogi, Greece. It is a valuable and hard-to-find gift of nature, rich in beneficial salts and trace elements for the nasal cavity, that offer:

• Protection from nasal infections
• Reduction of nasal congestion
• Mild antisepsis

The natural active ingredients contained in their composition, soothe the irritated mucosa, enhance the natural flora and natural defense of the mucosa and have antimicrobial, decongestant and moisturizing action.

Furthermore, NAZAL CLEANER products:

•    Are Steroid free without any other medicinal substances
•    Do not cause addictive or dependency effects
•    Do not cause Drug-Induced Rhinits.

Nazal Cleaner Cold

Hypertonic saline solution with 2.2% NaCl that relieves cold symptoms, cleanses the nasal cavity, removes mucus.

Nazal Cleaner Moist

Hypertonic 0.9% NaCl saline that protects and relieves symptoms of dry nasal cavity.

Nazal Cleaner Allergy

Hypertonic 0.9% NaCl saline that relieves symptoms of allergic rhinitis, soothes inflammation and cleanses the nasal cavity.

Nazal Cleaner Sinus Protect

Hypertonic 0.9% NaCl saline that protects and relieves symptoms of sinusitis and otitis media, cleans nasal cavity, enhances the antimicrobial defense of the nasal mucosa.

Nazal Cleaner Homeo

2.2% NaCl saline solution, compatible with homeopathy to relieve cold symptoms.

Nazal Cleaner Cold Spicy

Hypertonic 2.2% NaCl saline which relieves directly from severe cold symptoms, releases breathing directly, removes mucus.