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Kids Care

A child’s skin plays an essential role in protecting their health. Although tougher than baby’s skin, elements such as pollution, cold, heat and unsuitable cosmetics may cause:
- A weakening of the normal skin and the development of skin conditions or viruses
- Irritation and dryness
- Inflammation (redness and itching)

FREZYDERM knows that a child’s skin can become easily irritated or allergy prone. To help you care for your family’s naturally delicate skin we developed our Sensitive Kids range.

All products from the Sensitive Kids range are hypoallergenic, dermatologically and opthalmologically tested, and free of synthetic ingredients. Our hero ingredients have been selected to nourish and protect children’s skin:
For normal skin, proteins from cotton provide:  
- Skin nourishment and protection
- Deep and lasting hydration
- Protection from environmental elements (pollutants, sun, wind, cold and humidity)

For very sensitive skin, precious herbal extracts work to:
- Reduce inflammation, redness and itching
- Protect against frequent skin infections

Prebiotics help to:
- Protect the skin barrier
- Prevent skin conditions and viruses from developing

All Sensitive Kids products are free from: Parabens, colour, allergenic fragrances, gluten, SLES, PEG, silicones, soap mass, sulphides, alcohols.

Sensitive Kids Shampoo Boys

Shampoo for normal, sensitive and irritated skin (boys)


Sensitive Kids Shampoo for Girls

Shampoo for normal, sensitive and irritated skin (girls)


Sensitive Kids Shower Bath

Moisturizing body shower for children


Sensitive Kids Body Milk

Gentle moisturising milk for children.