Hydration & Protection Against Insect

The FREZYDERM Crilen range was created to repel insects, while providing the skin with essential hydration.
Insects are attracted to the bacteria and chemical compounds that develop on then skin, usually in the form of sweat, this can result in being bitten.
Insect bites can cause swelling, redness, pain and itching. However in some areas mosquitoes can transmit life threatening diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever.
Insect activity is determined by temperature and humidity, this tends to mean that they are more active at night and in the early morning.
Products containing essential oils or other strong fragrances repel insects by covering the smell of sweat, this allows for safe protection without the use of harsh chemically based insect repellents.

Advice for repelling insects and avoiding insect bites:
- Water, especially standing water, easily attract mosquitoes, remove all still water containers from around the house and frequently change the water in any vases.
- Wear light clothing with long sleeves to protect the arms.
- Avoid strong perfumes, which may attract mosquitoes.
- Do not leave food out of the fridge overnight.